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The art of outdoor living

As soon as the sun starts shining, we want to spend summer afternoons leisurely relaxing on our patios. Combining furniture, plants, lighting and accessories creates the perfect environment for dining or relaxing with loved ones.
A motorised awning is an important element of your patio space, providing sun protection for a comfortable atmosphere and allowing you to enjoy your evenings come rain or shine.  

The art of outdoor living Did you know
Did you know

Patio awnings can integrate lighting and heating.

What type of patio awning should you choose?

Full-casette awning
Full-casette awning

The casette system provides complete protection against wind, moisture and UV rays. When retracted, both the awning arms and fabric are fully covered by the casette. 

Semi-casette awning
Semi-casette awning

The fabric on this folding arm awning is completely covered by the casette, offering protection against weather damage when retracted.

Folding arm awning
Folding arm awning

The fabric on a folding arm awning is exposed to the elements. However, the awning can be installed under the overhang of a roof to protect it from potential weather damage.  


Motorising your patio awning

Life on the move!

With a Somfy electric patio awning, you can make the most of your outdoor space through every season.
Our wide range of awning accessories, including weather sensors, heating and lighting, lets you relax in the fresh air, no matter what the weather. And with our remote controls, you can operate all your motorised solutions with just the click of a button. 

Why should you motorise your awnings?

You’ll no longer need to rely on hard-to-operate handles. Our electric awnings can be easily opened or closed with a remote control. Lower your awnings to the ideal height within seconds to provide the ideal balance of sun and shade on your patio. 

The + for Somfy electric motors

A perfectly taut canvas

The motor’s automatic settings means your canvas is kept taut, giving you a stylish and comfortable patio space. 

Longer lifetime

The gentle opening and closing operation of your Somfy patio awning means that you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Compatible with all Somfy RTS products. 

Tips from Somfy

For more peace of mind when you're away
For more peace of mind when you're away

The wind sensor automatically retracts your screens and awning when strong winds are detected, protecting your system from damage. 

For more comfort
For more comfort

A sun senor will automatically lower your awnings to block out strong sunshine and keep your living room cool. Lighting devices can also be added to your electric awnings, allowing you to enjoy longer evenings outdoors. 

Why Somfy?

Innovation, assistance, assurance…

Much more than a patio awning motor!

Choose my solution

The installation of your electric patio awning

Let a professional do the job!

Installation by a Somfy expert

Our electric patio awnings are custom solutions that must be installed by a professional.

A Somfy certified installer can help advise you on your purchase choice and take care of the entire installation process, giving you guaranteed peace of mind. 

Go further with Somfy

Protect your blinds from wind damage...

The wind sensor will automatically retract your blinds and awning when high winds are detected, protecting your system from the elements. 

Light up your patio...

External lighting can be attached to your patio blinds, letting you enjoy longer evenings in your outdoor space.

Operate your entire patio…

The Telis 6 Chronis remote control and timer lets you manage your entire patio at the press of a button, including your blinds, outdoor lighting and more. 

Keep your home cool in summer…

The sun sensor will automatically close your blinds when it detects strong sunshine, keeping your home at a pleasant temperature. 

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